Here you go: yet another “solve problems on a grid” puzzle game (remember “Dyson’s Telescope”: ?):

Chromatron, by Silver Spaceship Software is a free game of laser beams and mirrors.

-_*Update*_: Help, I’m stuck on level 30!-

_*Update*_: Ok, I got past level 30. It was ugly :-).

I had four or five levels left near the top, and they were all trial-and-error stuff; if I plugged away at them hard enough, I’d be able to solve them, but there was no satisfaction in doing so. So I went to “a solutions site”: and cleared off my game, so that I’d stop wasting time on it :-)

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  1. aep says:

    You are evil for posting this URL. I downloaded the game at work and wasted over 2 hours. I’m up to level 25.

  2. aep says:

    I got level 30. Do you want a hint?

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