Keep Microwaves Away

Now this is a _cool_ practical joke.

Friends foil Olympia man’s home

bq. nearly everything else in Chris Kirk’s downtown Olympia apartment was encased in aluminum foil when he returned home Monday night from a trip to Los Angeles.

bq. The walls, ceiling, cabinets and everything in between now shimmer with a metallic glow, thanks to a prank by Kirk’s longtime friend, Olympia native Luke Trerice.

They foiled the walls, the furniture, the stuff on the furniture, the bookshelves, the _books_, all the kitchen appliances; basically everything except for a single book (Penn & Teller’s Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends), a picture of his girlfriend, the bed, and a bath mat. They even _individually_ wrapped his loose change.

Amazing attention to detail:

bq. Trerice and his friends unrolled the toilet paper in the bathroom, enveloped the bath tissue in aluminum foil and rolled it back up again. They covered Kirk’s book and compact disc collections but made sure each CD case could open and shut normally.

All of the enfoiled kitchen appliances still work…

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