Short Words to Explain Relativity

Short Words to Explain Relativity

bq. So, have a seat. Put your feet up. This may take some time. Can I get you some tea? Earl Grey? You got it.

The entire article uses words of four letters or less (including names; Mr. Newton gets shortened to “Izzy” :-). It’s harder than it sounds, but the article manages it quite well, in my layman’s opinion…

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  1. Reid says:

    I still like the Hamelian (sp?) version of relativity:
    “Truck go fast, clock go slow”.

    Hamelian involved using words of one syllable, except for the word “sandbag”. Counting was like this: 1 .. 2 .. many .. many .. many .. many .. many .. 8 .. many …..

    I think the ‘8’ was in there because it was Pontus’ lucky number. :-)

    Hmm, I get an error when I preview. Hope this posts okay. I’ll copy it for emergency trackback usage just in case..

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