WISH 64: Deities and Demigods

This week’s WISH 64: Deities and Demigods asks:

bq. Name three gods or religions that have appeared in games you’ve played in. Were they good, bad, or indifferent? What made them so?

In my very first D&D campaign ever, we were on our way to the dungeon when we passed a statue dedicated to some god or another. Some of the party made appropriate offerings to the statue, others did not. However, when _I_ walked past without an offering, the statues eyes suddenly flared red, and I found myself cursed… it took quite a while to get rid of that one!

The gods are quite active in our current campaigns. In “Adanflaen”:http://www.cfrq.net/~rolemaster/adanflaen/”, there is an ongoing battle between followers of the Old Religion, whose gods demand human sacrifice and give power to their followers, and the new kinder gentler Three. The Gods are active in this world, and one is advised to remember that (unlike my first character all those years ago).

“Aedor”:http://www.cfrq.net/~rolemaster/aedor/ also has an integral and active god in a strongly religious society, which makes me wonder why my aetheist/agnostic friends would want to create and/or play in highly religious fantasy worlds <grin>…

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