The 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference

Why don’t _I_ ever think of these things?

bq. “Write better emails. Make more moneys.”

Two workshops in particular caught my eye (ouch!): “Grammatical errors: What’s the optimal number?”, and a debate on “The effectiveness of using all UPPERCASE characters.”

Too funny…

“Jeremy Zawodny”: → “The 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference”:

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  1. jok says:

    According to that 419 scam stuff is Nigeria’s 3rd to 5th largest industry. Reading through that stuff, I learned something new (not that I would have fallen for it) but online buyers are sending counterfeit certified checks and money orders above the amount required for the merchandise and asking for cash to be wired back (since banks honor those two things right away even though a counterfeit can still bounce).

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