Weight Watching continued

So I’m four weeks into Weight Watchers’ maintenance program. The idea is that you try to be consistent (so that your weekly weigh-ins are reasonably accurate), and add points to your daily regimen until your weightloss flattens out.

As you can see from the new graph on the left, I haven’t flattened out yet. Instead, I’ve lost another 4.6 pounds; in fact, I’m losing _more_ weight now than I was in the last month of my regular program, even though I’m eating more. Frankly, I’m confused :-). I don’t think I’ve significantly increased my activity level; I haven’t started my formal spring exercise program yet, and I’m a week off curling now.

One theory is that I wasn’t eating _enough_ on the weightloss regimen, and so my body was hoarding calories; now that I’m eating more, my metabolism has increased? I dunno; that’s merely a SWAG (scientific wild-ass guess). Ah well, I’m going to try not to fret, and just enjoy eating some of the things that I didn’t have enough points for before…

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  1. aep says:

    Oh no! The experiment has gone horribly, horribly wrong and you’ve become the Incredible Shrinking Harald! At this rate, you’ll weigh 0 lbs sometime in June 2005.

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