Sick Kids

Well, ok, one sick kid.

Charlotte got up yesterday morning and started throwing up, even with no food in her. It’s amazing how pathetic she looks when she’s sick; she looks just like her grandmother :-). Every time she fell asleep she would feel sick again, wake up, and vomit. When we started seeing traces of blood we took her to the local pediatric clinic…

It turns out that it’s fairly common for 4-year old children to develop esophogial tears when they vomit a lot. Still, the doctor did all the usual tests, and sent her home to clear fluids (and no school on Monday). One dose of gravol later, and she slept the entire afternoon away.

Turns out the doctor made a good call; she has (Group A) strep. Time for antibiotics, and another day off school. Charlotte’s enjoying all of the attention, I think :-) It’s a good thing she _loves_ Jell-O!

It’s amazing how disruptive one throat infection can be. Michaela was supposed to work today, but is home with Charlotte instead. She moved her work day to Tuesday instead (bumping a job interview to first thing Wednesday morning), so I have to stay home tomorrow. Should be fun…

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