One Year

Well, it’s been a year since I started this thing. My intention was to play with technology, and I’ve certainly succeeded in that! As with many things, this toy has taken on a life of its own; it’s kinda fun writing about the things I find interesting (even if nobody else is reading them :-). In the process I’ve met some new, interesting people, an unexpected bonus…

I started with Movable Type, but the “technology” list has expanded quite a bit:

* “Apache”: (1 and 2)
* “IPv6”:
* “mod_ssl”: and certificate based access controls
* “Python”:
* “PHP”:
* “XHTML, CSS, and friends”:
* “MySQL”:
* “mod_gzip”:
* “Wiki”:

The server was upgraded by an order of magnitude (something I never blogged about, apparently), thanks to “Greg Wilson”: and so I’ve been playing with other related software:

* “tomcat”: for the students
* “mailman”: to make it easier for my users to run their own mailing lists
* “postfix”: originally because it plays well with Mailman, additionally for its anti-spam features
* “squirrel mail”: webmail for me and my users
* “courier imapd”: because it uses maildir, which makes squirrel much faster

This is fun. I think I’ll keep it going for another year…

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