get_weather_ca update

Another get_weather_ca update for misterhouse. Environment Canada reformatted their text-only web page again:

* they changed a bunch of ULs to DLs.
* They re-ordered the sections on the page (messing up the forecast finder).
* they added spaces _before_ all of the colons.

I also added a “[Read,Show] weather forecast” to my code/ code, and fixed a minor bug in the dewpoint calculator. Of course, that code only gets triggered when something is broken these days, because EC now publishes the dew point as part of the data.

The patch is against 2.78; I haven’t upgraded to 2.79 yet. (It figures that as soon as 2.79 was released, my code would be obsoleted again :-)

You can download:

* “patch against misterhouse 2.78”:
* “weather_ca.tar.gz”:
* “”:

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