Ice. Cold.

It was -25°C this morning here in Toronto (it normally drops to -8°C at this time of year). We had a cold snap pass through yesterday; the temperature dropped from 1°C to -16°C in five hours Sunday afternoon.

I walked out my front door this morning to find a river running down my driveway (and mostly freezing before it got to the end of the driveway). Eeek! I opened the garage to find a jet of water coming straight out of the wall; the cold water pipe had come off. I suspect that it came off when I turned the dryer on this morning; the dryer vent runs through the same hole into the garage as the water pipe.

It amazes me how much water can come out of a 1/4″ copper pipe. It’s a good thing we were late this morning, and so saw the problem before we left the house. The water would have fairly quickly frozen over all of the holes it was using to exit the garage, and then would have probably started pouring back into the house…

On the other hand, it was really cool seeing the water freeze so quickly on the driveway. I walked through the puddle a couple of times while getting the car ready and cleaning up the mess, and when I walked onto the dry (cold) pavement, my boots would freeze to the ground; it was like walking on a giant sheet of flypaper.

The life of a home owner is never boring :-)

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