another get_weather_ca update

It turns out that as part of the “website revamp”:, there’s now a text weather page, as well as the fancy one with tables and graphics. Actually, I tripped over it by accident; on the weekend the graphics page was redirecting to the text-only page for some reason. When the graphics page returned, I noticed the “graphics off” link that gives the text page :-)

Anyway, on the weekend I wrote a parser for the text-only page. It seems to be working OK, so I cleaned it up a bit and am posting it here (and to the mailing list). As an added bonus, forecasts are back (yay!).

You can download:

* “patch against misterhouse 2.78”:
* “weather_ca.tar.gz”:
* “”:

posted at 2:46 pm on Monday, February 24, 2003 in Programming | Comments Off on another get_weather_ca update

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