Weightloss: time for a spot check

My weight has been the same three weigh-ins in a row now. I can tell you exactly why, though.

* Firstly, I’ve been a relative couch-potato for the last two weeks. The winter cold is finally getting to me; I don’t _want_ to walk home from the subway, or walk to the GO Train in the morning. I could take long walks (in the underground) at lunch instead, but I haven’t wanted to do _that_ either. So, mini-resolution number 1: get back to walking to/from the train, or go for walks at lunches. Catch up on laundry and housework; that’ll get my activity level up again. To measure this, I’m going to record my pedometer readings again.

* Secondly, I’ve been unable to say no to potato chips, and (more damaging) to birthday cake. This week I’m over my points total by 17, and that’s entirely due to two pieces of birthday cake and a small mound of chips, all on the weekend. Thankfully, the bag of chips is now _gone_ from my house :-). So, mini-resolution number 2: strict adherence to points limits, and no more birthday cake. (I’m not going to give up the chips, but I’m going to try to go back to getting my weekly fix on curling nights, when I have the extra points available).

On the plus side, I’ve been paying more attention to nutritional balance. I’ve been making sure I get my milk and veggie servings every day, and I’ve been paying more attention to balancing protein and carbohydrates. I tend to maintain a balance over time, while having some high-carb days and some high protein days, so I suppose that’s good.

Yesterday, somone looked at me like I was _insane_ when I told her I was on a weight loss program; I suppose that’s a good sign too (that I don’t _look_ pregnant anymore :-).

Anyway, “stay tuned”:http://www.cfrq.net/~chk/weightloss.shtml for the results :)

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