Not Reading

James complains that he isn’t reading:

My time has been wasted sitting in front of the tube, or typing on the PowerBook, not with a book propped before my face. This is not good.

I know the feeling. I find that over the years I’ve been reading less and less. I used to be able to demolish at least three books a week; I’m now lucky if I get through one in two weeks. (The book list in the links bar goes back about 6 months right now).

Some reasons are obvious: I now have two kids; My train ride to work is shorter than it used to be, and I now get a car ride to work about half the time; I work through lunch more often; the books I read are 2-3 times longer than they used to be.

But some of it is that I spend way more time watching TV, or parked in front of the computer (or both) than I used to. I’ve been trying to get my TV watching down, but people keep making good TV shows for me to watch :-) And then there’s this whole weblog thing to keep up with…

Ah well; I still get some reading done; I just have to be a little more selective than I used to.

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