FreeBSD has hibernate support

ACPI and FreeBSD – looks like the newly released version of FreeBSD is the first major UNIX distribution to support ACPI hibernate. Cool; I’ve only had an ACPI laptop for two years…

Right now I run Windows 2000 on my laptop, and run RedHat Linux (under VMware); all this so that I can run my unix-based e-mail software in a portable, hibernatable environment. I’d like to simplify a bit.

the Linux 2.5 kernel has ACPI support (they apparently had to do a major rewrite of the driver architecture to support it), but 2.5 isn’t stable enough for my purposes yet.

So, maybe my next block of “play around with the computer” spare time will go to a FreeBSD install…

On the other hand, while writing this article, I discovered swsusp, a program that lets you do suspend-to-disk without BIOS support. Time to check that out too.

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