Nestle in the news again

From Spin of the Day:

Nestle’s Christmas Gift to Ethiopia
Faced with a “mounting public relations disaster” over its attempt to sue the famine-stricken country of Ethiopia for $6 million, the Nestle corporation has promised to donate the money to hunger relief. But Justin Forsyth of the hunger organization Oxfam calls the offer a “half measure” and calls on the company “unambiguously to drop the claim and allow the Ethiopian government to spend the money on famine relief. … Nestle has had lots of opportunities to back down over the last year. Sadly it has taken Oxfam and the Ethiopian government exposing them to public outrage to make them see sense.” Source: The Guardian (UK), December 23, 2002

Those guys just don’t get it. They’re still flogging formula over breast-feeding in Africa, despite the fact that it’s killing more people than it’s saving. And now this. “There’s a principle involved” indeed…

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