Small conumdrum

So I have to decide what to do over Christmas, what with all the parties with good food, and sitting around doing nothing, and frantic trips to malls, and so on.

The three options are:

  1. Continue to lose weight normally
  2. Be slightly less conscientious, and take a small break until January; don’t lose more but don’t gain any either.
  3. Throw caution to the wind, and enjoy the holiday season. Gain lots of weight.

I don’t like the last option; I’ll be really depressed in January if I do that. But I’m torn between the first two. On the one hand, I have a Goal, and reaching it sooner would be cool. On the other hand, I’m ahead of schedule, and I want to eat all that good food that’s around.

At this point, “no decision” is the same as option 2, but without a concrete goal and plan; having a plan is better. I need to decide going in, so that I’m happy with the result coming out.

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  1. RJ says:

    Personally, I’d go with option 2. Every dietician that I have spoken to over the years says that trying to stick fanatically to any diet, especially during the holiday season is a good way to wind up falling off the wagon and then the depression/guilt/”what does it matter anyway” eating begins.

    If the season is also about forgiving others, perhaps forgiving yourself is also appropriate.

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