There are strange things done

Turn of a Friendly Die is fun, but I was looking for other Rolemaster related websites, and for various reasons tripped over:

  • The Complete Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge for Fantasy Role-Playing Games. Our current rolemaster campaign happens to have a soon-to-be-pregnant character, so I suppose some of this could come in handy. Still, this smacks of munchkinism; real role players would just, well, role-play
  • Google results for “rolemaster blog” gives my weblog as the first hit. Very strange.
  • I found an answer to Ginger’s WISH #20 by HWRNMNBSOL particularly amusing:

    NIGHTOWL: Nodonn! how many orcs are coming from your direction?
    NODONN: Four.
    NIGHTOWL: Er….a big four or a small four?
    NODONN: Four.

    Go read the whole page; the entries below are thoughtful and amusing also.

    1. Stay Alert!
    2. Trust No-one!
    3. Keep your Laser Handy!

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