Long-range Wireless

People are making some interesting advances in long-range wireless networking.

The San Diego Supercomputer Center “routinely” sets up multi-mile wireless links, and currently has a 72-mile link from San Diego to San Clemente Island.
They’re using maximum power links with 2 foot, high-gain parabolic antennas at both ends. The range apparently cuts the bandwidth to 1Mb/sec (aw shucks :-). Read more about it in this Computerworld article.

In not unrelated news, Vivato Inc. has introduced a wireless LAN switch that uses a planar phased-array antenna to boost range to about four miles (outdoors; 1 mile indoors). I’ve always loved electroncally steerable antennas; this is certainly an interesting application, though! Again, read more about it in Computerworld.

(Thanks to Irving for the article links.)

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