In case my adoring public was wondering where I went, this has been My Week:

  • Modifying the code to handle more than 1024 simultaneous clients. Seems that Apache’s process-per-connection model means, in turn, that each Apache webserver makes up to 1500 connections to the validator. This naturally involves rebuilding most of the support libraries, as well as the main application, and then finding a machine capable of *generating* that many simultaneous connections.
  • Hunting down an obscure memory leak (which turned out to be something we had fixed a couple of years ago; *sigh).
  • Hunting down crashes in the XML parser (still haven’t found that one).
  • Managing various other customer problems along the way…
  • Moving the blog
  • A late curl
  • Mild asthma, as a result of my cold from last week
  • Finding time and energy to spend with the munchkins :-)

And my weekend:

  • 8AM hockey on Saturday
  • IMAX Space Station, then day at the science centre
  • The TKF Chili Bash
  • Santa Claus Parade
  • Birthday celebrations at my dad’s house
  • somewhere in there, laundry

So I plead “guilty with an explanation” for the lack of recent updates. I have a whole pile of stuff to filter through, and a couple of rants brewing (including one on the state of Ontario’s electricity supply). Stay tuned…

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