I used to run, as a kid; I loved it. Some of my friends are (now) runners. I’d been thinking about taking it up again, when along comes this post…

Becoming a runner is actually not that difficult. Not surprisingly, it involves running. There’s other stuff, too, eventually, but running is the important part. If you can run a mile, run a mile. If you can only run around the block, run around the block. Tomorrow you’ll run around the block, and the next day you’ll find you can run around two blocks. And next week you’ll find you can run a mile. Then one day you’ll run a mile, then stop to catch your breath, then get invigorated and run another mile.

And then you’re a runner. That’s it, really.

There’s other stuff too, but it doesn’t really matter until you’re already a runner. […] Don’t worry about any of that now. Just run. Running is key. Otherwise you’re just another fat schmuck lying on the couch reading Runner’s World.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Running is great! Just make sure you start slow and don’t push yourself.

  2. Reid says:

    Ya, and don’t stop (like me). It’s hard to get started again, especially when it’s cold and rainy outside. :-P

    It’s amazing though, you get to a point where you realize that if need be you *could* run indefinitely without stopping/walking. It’s a very cool feeling to have.

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