Spam Escalation

I received a message on Friday night claiming to be from SpamCop, telling me that my site was “being watched”. There were no details in the message, which made me suspicious; anti-SPAM organisations are usually quite diligent in pointing out the error of your ways. I think it’s an uber-geek thing; they like to be more standards-compliant than thou.

On the other hand, I thought it no coincidence that I received this shortly after I registered two new domains, and started updating my blog more regularly, so a small part of my brain worried all weekend.

Sunday night I received a notice from NANOG that it was a forgery. Phew!

posted at 9:38 am on Monday, September 09, 2002 in General | Comments (1)

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  1. Debbie says:

    I didn’t know you had a blog! I’ve added your link to My Blog/Journal Links page (, hope this is okay.

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