Trackback timeouts cause problems with my blog

Update: has been upgraded to a Celeron 1000 with 128Mb of memory. There are no more trackback ping problems <grin>

As discussed in the Support Forum, when your MovableType pings mine, the default timeout at your end is 10 seconds. My weblog is on a slow server, which takes around 25 seconds to respond to a ping.

Update: I’ve decreased this to about 18 seconds by modifying the MT source to reply after saving the ping, but before rebuilding the site, but that’s still too long.

Ben plans to increase the timeout in the default MT install. Until then, you can either manually delete pings from your “pings to send” list after pinging my site, or you can change the default on your site: add the line

PingTimeout 30

to your mt.cfg file.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do from my end, at least until I can afford a more powerful server.

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  1. Another trackback test
    Debbie says my trackback doesn’t work, but I didn’t see any entries in the apache log, so I’m testing. The

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