Where did summer go?

10 weeks ago I was wondering what I was going to do to fill the summer. Work was relatively stable, and I had a few weeks of vacation planned with the kids.

I took a week off, and did a bunch of stuff around the house. Then the kids were in summer camp for six weeks. This turned out to be a good thing because my job went insane, as did the spouse’s. A bunch of high-profile customers all wanted relatively large code changes all at once, and my developers (annoyingly) kept going on business trips or vacations :-). Six weeks went past in a flash, and suddenly I was on vacation with two kids (and no spouse), with no idea of what to do!

The first week was hot! We went to the science center, the museum, and other indoor pursuits so that we wouldn’t melt.

The second week was perfect weather for me, with highs in the mid-20s, but slightly cold for the kids. It rained one day so we went to see Stuart Little 2. We went to the CNE, and discovered once again that our kids are roller-coaster and ride maniacs; Charlotte (at three years old) was the first one to stick her hands up in the air. We took a day trip to Wasaga Beach, and built sandcastles and played in the water and generally had a good time. We stayed busy.

And now I’m sitting here on the last day of August, wondering what happened to summer (although I have a better idea now that I’ve composed this journal entry). The kids go back to school in three days! (and they’re very excited about that). Charlotte’s 4th birthday is in five days. We’re starting into the busiest time of the year, with school birthday parties, family birthdays, curling, thanksgiving, hallowe’en, and Christmas; so I’d better get my bearings and get on with it!

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