Camping Trip

We took the kids on their first camping trip this weekend. It rained so heavily on Friday that we decided to drive into town; we couldn’t see the car in front of us on the road. Saturday was much better; misty in the morning, but the sun came out in the afternoon. Of course, Sunday morning the rain returned, and gave everything a thorough soaking just before we had to pack it all up and head home.

We went to Presqu’ile Provincial Park, about an hour and a half east of Toronto. It’s usually a nice park. There’s a 2 kilometer long sandbar, complete with beach, running between the mainland and what used to be an island in Lake Ontario. The beach is at least 50 meters of empty sand, great for kite flying.

Alas, thanks to recent storms, the beach was closed for swimming. It seems that all of the contamination from Toronto’s beaches travels east, and the first thing it hits is Presqu’ile (and then Prince Edward County, which includes Sandbanks Provincial Park).

On the plus side, there were lots of other kids there, so our kids were never bored. In fact, despite the rain and the lack of swimming, they both said they want to go camping again!

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