Over The Edge

Spent the weekend at Over The Edge, the Toronto Kite Fliers annual fun fly. The weather was great, sunny and hot both days. Over The Edge is held at Ajax Waterfront Park, which usually has good winds. Well, mostly; when the wind is off the lake it tends to roll up and over the field, so the winds are fine 100′ up, but lower or non-existant at ground level. Naturally, it was like this both days :-)

On the first day, Lee’s son Kane was there, so Gareth and Charlotte had someone to play with all day (which they did!) while the rest of us flew kites. Of course the kids got into it too, despite the ‘subtle’ winds. I got to fly my new Loon Dance Rokkaku, my new favourite kite because it is so easy to fly even in light winds.

On the second day, we took my nephew Mark William with us, so again, Gareth and Charlotte had someone to play with. The wind at ground level was much lighter, and dropped steadily during the day, although (as usual) the winds 100′ up were steady and strong. Kites would sometimes fall out of the sky, and required quite a but of work to relaunch!

Sunday dinner was pleasant. I think people are getting used to our kids, because some of them actually chose to sit at our table instead of the other one! Gareth even won a Popcan Kite in the raffle.

Canal Days is coming up, and I’ve been drooling over several large kites at Into the Wind. Alas, the kites I really want are expensive… maybe I’ll buy myself a birthday present for next year’s kite season.

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