House Reorganisation

It all started when the kids asked if they could have their toy room on the same floor as their bedrooms (where the library is now). We though about it, and decided that it was a good idea; we would get our family room back :-)

So on Monday, Pene came over and helped haul furniture all over the house:

  • move the furniture from the family room to the living room.
  • tidy/vacuum the family room.
  • move the furniture, and TV/VCR from our bedroom TV watching area to the family room.
  • tidy/vacuum the bedroom.
  • move the books and bookshelves from the library upstairs to the bedroom. Wow, I have a lot of books.
  • tidy up the rest of the old library.

It was 34°C outside, and the A/C wasn’t keeping up, which made the move a little more complicated. At this point we ran out of time and energy, so we went out to a very nice Mediterranean buffet called Jerusalem for dinner.

We’ve spent evenings the rest of the week moving a few toys at a time upstairs from the family room to the new toy room; I guess we’ll have to finish up on Saturday morning before taking off for our busy party schedule.

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