real-world passwords

An analysis of a large collection of passwords gathered in a Myspace phishing attack reveals that passwords are getting better, although:

bq. We used to quip that “password” is the most common password. Now it’s “password1.” Who said users haven’t learned anything about security?

Schneier on Security: Real-World Passwords

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  1. Nita says:

    I have this theory that I should let LB put a bunch of his magnets on the fridge, take a photo of hi standing in front of it, then use it as my password generator and desktop background.

map of the internet

The map itself is cool, but so is the method used to create it; check it out!

xkcd – map of the internet

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caffeinated Viagra beer

(boy, that title is going to make the spammers love me!)

Best Mashup Ever: Caffeinated Viagra Beer (by Jeremy Zawodny)

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the new sneakernet

Schneier on Security: Tracking People by their Sneakers

Researchers at the University of Washington have demonstrated a surveillance system that automatically tracks people through the Nike iPod Sport Kit.

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Smashing The Clock

Smashing The Clock

Best Buy experiments with the new “results oriented work environment”.

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cruise photos

I’ve posted some highlight photos from our cruise on “flickr”: and I’m sure I’ll add more in the coming days/weeks…

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thing 2 from wil

Absinthetics – Employee Of The Month

bq. They call it protecting their investment; I call it a presumption of criminal intent masquerading as due diligence, and, no, I don’t particularly care for the implication.

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thing one from Wil

from WWdN: In Exile: Seriously. What would Jesus do?

bq. if I were a Christian, I would be profoundly upset that this huge organization, with such a loud voice at the table and such a significant presence in public life, is declaring that stopping gay marriage and telling women whether or not they can make a deeply personal decision are more important issues — and more specifically more important Christian issues — than helping the people among us who have the least and need the most

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  1. David Brake says:

    Hey, at least the USA Today article about the Christian Coalition refers to it as ‘once-powerful’!