Christmas Morning

bq. Mummy, I suck more than you do!

— C. and M. playing C’s new dance dance revolution game…

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more mediocrity

bq. …like it or not, we spend most of our lives in the fat, undistinguished middle of the bell curve…

– “A. O. Scott, Where Have All the Howlers Gone?, The New York Times, December 18, 2005”:

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Having windows installed during the second and third weeks of December makes the house very cold :-)

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  1. wjr says:

    Strangely enough, we’re having windows installed too – in fact, the installers just showed up to work for the day. It makes the house chilly and drafty, but not what any proper Canadian would call “cold”.

    It will be nice to have double-paned windows, though.

sick days

A new variation on “40% of sick days” from The Angry Economist

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