Caffeinated Soap

ThinkGeek :: Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap

Just what every True Geek needs for a morning pick-me-up.

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Star Wars Fans Mocked

Pocket PC Thoughts :: View topic – Star Wars fans mocked

This was/is screamingly funny; Triumph from the Conan O’Brien show mocks a bunch of Star Wars fans waiting in line to see Attack of the Clones.

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Sets, from Google Labs

Google Sets

This is just cool. Enter a few items from a set, and Google will predict more items from the set.

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Web Services Security

Security In Web Services: An Evolving Threat Model

an interesting article on the security threats that large web service providers are currently dealing with; all unusual in that they’re not the classic “break in and do something”, but attempts to engineer the system in other ways.

I liked this comment:

“[Manber]’s considering changing the registration test to a simple arithmetic problem. It won’t stop the mass registrations, but he might be able to get the abusers to perform distributed computing tasks for him.”

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Argh – no vacation

My employer is suffering from the tech implosion. So we’re bending over (almost literally) to close deals with customers.

Thanks to a high-profile deal, the vacation that I had planned for next week is cancelled, and I’ll be busy adding a new feature to my certificate authentication framework.

On the plus side, I might be travelling to San Diego in a week…

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