Why is Outlook so popular?

From Daring Fireball: Good Times

Most corporations now have a CIO (chief information officer), whose clout is directly proportional to the number of people employed in the company’s IT division. More IT staff means a larger budget, and budgets are the rulers used to measure wangs in corporate America.

It is thus in the interests of corporate IT staff to deploy technology that requires a large IT staff for maintenance.

The next section comparing plumbing to IT is hilarious…

One caveat; I know quite a few perfectly rational, capable IT people who are stuck with Outlook and Exchange because that’s what management wants, not because they think it’s the best solution. It’s not always the IT people who get to make these decisions…

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  1. James says:

    I think that was pretty much the author’s point: that if the IT people had their way, Outlook and Exchange would be out the door faster than a cat on fire, but management doesn’t get it.

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