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In Perverse Access Memory: Bored Now Ginger writes about why she stopped blogging about politics.

Some of the stuff in there is why I rarely blog about politics (and especially about all of those idiots south of the border :-), and why I also avoid arguing about it on discussion lists.

Generally, I’ll argue with someone for one of two reasons: 1) to genuinely try to change their mind on something (“no really, a triple whopper with cheese is bad for you”); or 2) because arguing a point is a good way to learn more about it. On rare occassions, I’ll get into it with someone in e-mail because I’m bored; fortunately that never lasts very long.

For the really big issues, option 2) is sometimes interesting. But generally speaking, neither of those reasons applies to rants about the issues of the day, and so I try not to…

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