another update

– I’ve been at UHN for a month now. It’s been a bit of work coming up to speed on the projects, but I’m being effective, which is what counts. Besides, it’s fun!

– The kids have both been away to, and returned from, two week camp excursions, and both want to go on longer trips next year! They grow up so fast…

– Twitter and Facebook have pretty much replaced this weblog for day-to-day stuff, unfortunately. I’m not happy about that; I prefer having my “stuff” under my own control. Alas, they make it too easy to use, especially now that a) I have an iPhone, and b) I’m behind a nanny-state web filter during the day.

– I haven’t even picked up a camera in about 3 months, which makes it difficult to justify shopping for one. I think I’ve convinced myself to buy more glass instead of another body, anyway.

– Did I mention I have an iPhone now?

That’s it; see you in another month or so :)

posted at 8:20 pm on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 in Personal | Comments (1)
  1. Ron says:

    Glad things are moving along. I too wish I was updating my blog instead but…