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“Denis McGrath”: is a Canadian television writer and producer. A couple of years back my friend Debbie “interviewed him”: about his career and about “Blood Ties”:, the television version of “Tanya Huff”:’s Blood books. I recently rediscovered him while catching up on Season 2 of “The Border”:, and subscribed to his weblog (“Dead Things ON Sticks”: after finding info about the show there.

Anyway, long story short, Denis “recommended”: a British show called “Skins”:, which he described as

bq. the teen show that nobody in North America would have the guts to do. It makes Degrassi or 90210 look like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

It’s definitely not for everyone; it has the North American demons of nudity/sex, drugs, foul language, all involving (gasp!) teenagers. But it also has the magic trio of good writing, acting, and characters; I’ve found it quite compelling. I worked my way through the nine episode series 1 over the Christmas break, and I’m just starting series 2. You can find Skins in Canada on The SuperChannel (and yes, I hear you all saying “wow, it still exists?” :-).

Oh, and “Denis’ blog”: is an excellent read if you’re at all interested in television in general, and Canadian television in particular.

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