Dr. Horrible

Neil Patrick Harris is a god of understated comedy. Nathan Fillion is a perfectly over-the-top dumb hero. I loved the first installment; waiting for the next two!

Check it out at www.drhorrible.com before Sunday, after which you’ll have to pay. Of course, you should pay anyway to support the artists, but free lets you choose…

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No iPhone

As mentioned earlier, I’m upset (if not surprised) about the Rogers/Fido iPhone plans. I was still thinking about it, however, after looking at the calculations at “http://getthefactsonrogersiphone.com/facts.html”:http://getthefactsonrogersiphone.com/facts.html, it’s no longer an option for me. I’m simply unwilling to commit to giving Rogers between $2880 and $4320 (before tax!) of my hard-earned dollars (even if that would be spread over 3 years). We already spend too much on telephones around here; two cell phones and a land-line nets out to about $150/mo for us.

Now I have to decide: iTouch or EEE (or the HP EEE competitor, which alas, I don’t get an employee discount on…). Or stick with my current tactic of borrowing iPhones or BlackBerrys from my friends :-)

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Daddy: “Why is ‘bealzebub’ written on our whiteboard?”
The Girl: “I don’t know. Does it have his phone number?”

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Dr. Horrible

Coming soon to an Intertube near you:

Neil Patrick Harris! Nathan Fillion! Felicia Day! and, of course, Joss Whedon!

First episode goes live (and free!) on July 15th; second and third are each two days later, and the whole thing goes away (ok, behind a “give us money!” link) at midnight on July 20th.

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In reference to several recent movies, including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:

bq. “Suspension of disbelief does not mean ‘by the neck, until dead'”

(lifted from “Tanya’s weblog”:http://andpuff.livejournal.com/153360.html comments…)

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