things to do

Things to do this quarter:

* get the leaky summer tires fixed during the winter, when business is slow at the tire place.
* purchase an air conditioner (or two; we might need a separate one for our bedroom because of the ducting).
* find a roofer and book the new roof for the spring.
* -purchase a pop-up / tent trailer. First RV show is this upcoming weekend.-
* -purchase a tow vehicle for said trailer.-
* more crawl space insulation research.
* plan our August vacation.
* plan out the backyard renovation.
* design bookshelves and window seat for bedroom/library.
* design front hall shelving.

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  1. Helge Koch says:

    Don’t purchase a pop-up or a tow vehicle. Rent them. A Mazda Tribute will tow a pop-up quite nicely and rents for $700 per week. Several places will rent you the latest in pop-ups. Once tried, you can decide which features you like best. Toilet, heater, AC are the top three on my list. Once you buy one, give it back to the dealer to rent out for you. They maintain it and keep it nice and clean for your use.

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