Myth TV

May sweeps are over. I still have to watch:

* 2 hours of CSI
* 3 hours of Alias
* 2 hours of The L Word
* 5 hours of Enterprise
* 4 hours of Earthsea
* 3 hours of Dr. Who
* 9 hours of Dr. Who Confidential (i.e. I haven’t started yet :-)
* 7 hours of Numb3rs

It’s a good thing I have an 80Gb drive in that machine!

On the plus side, I’m ahead of Michelle, who is still back somewhere in January on her videotape collection…

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  1. David Brake says:

    Darn – I was sure that we Brits would be able to lord it over the Canadians and Americans for a few months by having seen Dr Who well before you. What did you think of it? I am really quite enjoying it, in a pulp-y sort of way…

  2. Harald says:

    It’s showing on CBC a week after the BBC broadcast. The series started a bit slow, but Dalek and later have been *fantastic*.

    Incidentally, SciFi is carrying the new Battlestar Galactica first this time around, so we get to see it before you :-)

nature indoors

I have a kitchen; the breakfast nook is no longer buried in centuries of sedimentary buildup.

We’re currently excavating Charlotte’s bedroom. There’s actually a hardwood floor underneath the humus layer (decaying clothes and toys)…

On the other hand, the front hall is now a transition zone, and migratory herds of boxes and winter boots are trying to pass each other without excessive predation…

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famous kiters!

We’re famous! Check out the results of a video session we helped with last year at the Four Winds Kite Festival: → Blog Archive → TVO – Planet Parent kite segment

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Ok, I think 15 days may be a new record for me…

I’ve posted pictures from the Trebuchet Party at “”: and I plan a more formal writeup with locally hosted pictures sometime soon.

In other news, the episode of Planet Parent that was filmed at last years Four Winds Kite Festival (and Gareth’s birthday party) was broadcast on Wednesday. I recorded it, so we finally got to see Gareth talking about bathrooms on TV :-).

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license plate

The car turning left in front of me this morning had the license plate:


Good thing I was stopped…

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  1. Jeff K says:

    Incidentally, today (June 18, 2005) that PLAN AHE plate appears on a Smart Car on page G1 (Wheels) of the Toronto Star.

weekend update

starring Tina Fey and … no wait, that’s not it!

Went up north on Saturday to visit a couple of proposed “Trebuchet party”: sites. We found a “good looking spot”: and the kids had fun tromping around in the wilderness; they ignored the slight drizzle and even managed to finagle a couple of horseback rides from the neighbours!

Sunday we mostly finished the trebuchet. We “finished the arm”:, but still have to work on the axle support, sling, sling release, and trigger; and we only finished one of the two braces for the uprights. Still, we should be finished in time for the party in two weeks.

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