Comment SPAM again

For about two weeks now I’ve been getting massive amounts of comment spam, both here and on some old Movable Type weblogs on the site. None of the comments appear to be making it through; WordPress has comment moderation (which just makes it annoying to delete them), and the MT sites have comments turned off. (For some reason the comments are still getting posted; but they’re not displayed on the blog pages, so no major damage).

Most of the comments are “Hey, what a great website!” comments, with no URLs (and no racy referrals, either); I don’t understand the point. Are they just trying to be annoying? Is this a test? Did the comment spammers suddenly find new tactics about two weeks ago, or did they suddenly notice my website again?

I guess it’s time to research WordPress blacklisting tools…

posted at 9:14 am on Thursday, December 02, 2004 in Site News | Comments (1)

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  1. Jeff K says:

    “Spam” is of course the correct word for it, but I wonder if the intent is more like “electronic graffiti”. Which reminds me, did you see the horrible defacing of a Mayan cave drawing in Ecuador in this month’s National Geographic?

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