Spinning rims? WTF?

Some guy pulled out of a parking lot in front of me today with ridiculously bright chromed wheels; they were very distracting, especially in the early morning sun. It took me a while to figure out why, though. It turns out the rims had a second piece attached, on a free-wheeling hub. As he drives, the outer part of the rim spins up; when he stops — they keep spinning!

These are a visual distraction, especially for magpies like me (Ooooh! Shiny!). But I can’t see how they’d be considered safe either; in an accident, these things would become lethal “Frisbees of Death”…

Are they legal? Or like so many after market auto parts, are they in that grey area: legal to sell, illegal to put on your car, but not worth pulling you over to prosecute?

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  1. jessie turner says:

    the rims if are illegal should not be its a way of expressing your self which every one desreves to do if a loser wants to look at them intead of the road in fornt of them its there fault not the owner of the rims “a owner of a pair on my car it should not be illegal and thats final”

  2. Harald says:

    Your right to express yourself with your fist stops at my nose…

    Safety is a shared responsibility. Searching the net for a photo, I saw lots of flashy spinning rims that _were_ built safely; the ones _I_ saw on the road were dangerous.

  3. leigh says:

    Spinners should be illegal. Too many people get veer out of the way from a stopped car simply because it looks like the car is still in motion. You see wheels turning what does that mean? In a short instant you may think you see a car run a light or turning into your lane. It causes accidents Ive seen them myself. Everyone has the right to express themselves but safety is still important above all. The spinners are a little much.

  4. I think you must be pretty stupid to fall for that. Yes,I have gotten the same motion from cars moving back from a parking stall. If you get into an accident because of ‘spinners’ maybe you shouldn’t be on the road. Before one accelerates one should look ahead for pedestrians, other cars, green light etc. that give you the ‘real’ signal to get moving. This definately must happen with novice drivers, or people over 40. Just because the car beside me seems to move, or does move, doesn’t allow me to punch the accelerator without making sure I can do so first.

  5. chk says:

    I think you must be pretty stupid to leave insulting comments on someone else’s weblog, especailly after comment #2 above. Ah well; this page seems to attract the weirdos. Kinda fun, actually, which is why I’ve been allowing these comments!

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