How do I use Movable Type?

Mena asks “How are you using the tool?”:

Much of this information is elsewhere, but I’ll summarize here:

“”: is a personal hobby server. I set it up years ago because I wanted a secure, stable platform for my e-mail, and only later started experimenting with various web technologies. It has always been built from scrounged resources; an old 486, borrowed bandwidth, etc. The only remotely commercial stuff here is a small marketing site for Michaéla’s now dormant consulting business.

We personally have three “weblogs”: “The Blog of Harald”:, “Michaéla – Thoughts”:, and the RPG game log, “Gang Rolemaster Resources”: The first two are individual author weblogs, but the game log has “9 authors”: ; this is the site that is killed by the new license terms.

There are other weblogs here (although I think everything but “”: and “Greg Wilson, Day by Day”: are defunct). In the New World Order, they would have to deal with their own licensing, although they’d still get installation help from me.

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