Live-CDs are proliferating…

“Extreme Tech”: recently published “a review of four Linux LiveCDs”:,3998,a=117223,00.asp, which was linked to by “slashdot”:

The distributions were:

* “Knoppix”: – daddy of ’em all
* “Feather Linux”: – very small, light, and minimalist.
* “Gnoppix”: Gnome-only version of Knoppix (which is KDE-based).
* “Mepis”:

The reviewers liked Knoppix best, with Mepis a close second. They had trouble with Gnoppix (and I have to agree; I did too when I tried it), and Feather is too minimalist for casual users (but might be great for power users).

I cary a Knoppix live-CD around with me, and I’ve used it for a couple of emergency rescues already, as well as for repartitioning an evil Win2K box a while back.

The slashdot comments add pointers to others:

* “Damn Small Linux”: it’s specialty is to fit on a 50mb business card CD.
* “MandrakeMove”: implements USB keys for storing configuration and profiles, so that you can quickly turn any bootable PC into your personal desktop.
* And of course: “Linux Live”: allows you to create a LiveCD from any linux distribution…

I might make a DSL business card CD, just for the fun of it…

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  1. ReidNews says:

    Live CDs
    My main problem with them so far is that none I have tried (including Knoppix and Morphix) support a USB mouse and keyboard.

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