Silence is …

Oops; I’ve been a little busy.

I received my new laptop on Monday and I’ve been busy with setup and copying files and settings from the old desktop. We have a code freeze today, which isn’t helping (trying to develop code _and_ rebuild your environment at the same time is … interesting). On the other hand, I was able to be extremely productive from home on Thursday with the new machine, so it has been worth the effort.

It’s been a hectic week personally. G. had a hockey practice on Monday night, after which we went out for dinner for my birthday. I had a curling game Tuesday; Michaéla had a board meeting on Wednesday (and I was coding in front of the TV, playing with the new VPN); and Thursday night cards was much busier than normal because people came over for Andrew and Michelle’s birthdays.

Tonight I’m going to collapse in front of the TV; I might get some blogging done. Saturday is hockey, hockey, rolemaster. I’ve (finally) received the new VPN hardware that I’m supposed to test, so I’m probably going to play with that on Sunday, along with the usual laundry and cleaning (and Michaéla et al have a 3:15 curling game that day).

Next week we leap into the pre-Christmas rush…

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