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“Job Cuts More Than Double in October”:

bq. Job cuts announced by U.S. companies more than doubled in October from the previous month, providing more evidence that the nation’s economy is in a period of jobless expansion

(via “Halley’s Comment”: again).

And today “How to Save the World”: brings us:

bq. What is left of the large corporation though? A small management team and an army of lawyers who contract all of the risky functions of the company to outside organizations. Assets that are all intellectual — patents, trademarks, contracts, etc. Essentially no front-line employees, no liabilities, and no risks. And no direct contact with those pesky customers.

bq. In a world of ends, where the network is everything and all the knowledge resides in the network at these ends, there is no longer any need for a middle-man, especially one as costly as the executive in today’s large corporation.

This is starting to sound eerily like the cyberpunk novels I was reading a decade ago…

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