Link Dump

I’m going to totally mess up Google here, and do my first link dump. These are all items that have been sitting in my aggregator for a while that I don’t want to lose, but I’m too busy (or brain-dead) to comment on right now.

“Axentra Rumba Server”: – a mini-ITX based home firewall _and_ server.
“Trained Eye Gallery”: – macro photographs of … boxcars.
“StarROMs, Inc”: – legally download old videogame ROMs.
“America — love it or, um…”:
“Andrew Clover’s JavaScript Browser Parasite Detector”:
“Verisign: Documenting the Damage”:
“The avocado-green fridge”: – The PC is the avocado-green fridge…
“OpenOffice 1.1 is out”:
“The Telescope Game”:
“Killing Comment Spam Dead”:
“Open Perl IDE”:
“Exit Windows, mostly”: – one linux desktop story
“Settling in with the penguin”: – another linux desktop story
“An End To Driver Hell”: – Driver Magician can backup installed drivers from your running windows box.
“More Search Options”: – two desktop search tools (80-20 and X1).


“Balancing visual and structural complexity in interaction design”: – How visual simplicity can harm usability
“Killing Comment Spam for Dummies”: – more on the subject
“Debian Backports”: – run new software on an older system


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