Kite Flying

Well, no kite pictures. I was having _way_ too much fun flying kites to bother with the camera.

The three of us woke up early, and even with a lazy morning we still arrived at the kite field at around 9:30. I helped a bit with setup while the kids ran around saying “hello!” to all of the TKF members the recognized. It’s nice that everyone is now treating them as just part of the gang. Speaking of which, the kids were angels all day; they flew kites, they made paper airplanes, they helped people, they entertained themselves. It was a pleasant break from normal sibling squabbling.

The weather on Sunday was fantastic; sunny and not too warm. The winds were a little unpredictable (it is called the Four Winds Kite Festival for a _reason_ :-). I think I flew almost every kite in my bag, although some of them performed better than others! Michaela picked up several new kites from a bargain bin; I was pretty sure that the Wright Flyer wasn’t going to fly well, although it could just need a little tuning.

The Kortright staff were selling kites, including a funky penguin kite (which didn’t look enough like Tux, otherwise I might own one :-). There must have been a dozen penguins in the sky by the time we started packing up, along with even more rainbow deltas.

Afterwards a few of us went out to dinner, and while there celebrated Gareth’s birthday. What seven-year-old doesn’t love being the center of attention?

Sadly, we’re out of town for the next two events; Polo for Heart is the same day as my sister’s wedding, and Over the Edge is while we’re in Italy. I guess we won’t see everyone again until Canal Days…

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