They Grow Up


So he’s about to turn seven on Monday. Eeek! They grow up too quickly.

After a long winter, it’s always nice to get outside in the sun and fresh air, so we always hold Gareth’s birthday party in a nearby park. The weather has been obliging so far; this year it was slightly chilly (13°C), but sunny and with a nice breeze. We flew some kites, played on the climbers, ate sandwiches and cake, and even had a water balloon fight!

Of course, there had to be a geek angle. Through a marketing promotion, we were able to borrow a digital camera for the party, so I’ve got one to put in this blog entry :-)

Tomorrow we drop by the Four Winds kitefest at the Kortright Centre; I might have some more pictures then.

[ Crud. The picture doesn’t work well with my current pretty box layout. Not quite sure how to fix that; I’ll leave it alone for now. ]


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