Mahogany Mail is an interesting-looking new email client. Two advantages for me: it properly supports IMAP4, and it is cross platform (so I can run it under either Win32 or Linux).

I’m currently using exmh on top of NMH, because that is a highly flexible and configurable environment for me as a programmer. I think I’ll try Mahogany out on one of my other e-mail addresses for a little while, and see whether it fits my ideals for usability and speed…

Update:While it’s only version 0.64, it’s not yet up to snuff. It’s just plain clunky in a lot of ways. It has the looks of many techno-geek projects; lots of technology without the required thought spent on UI issues. I had trouble with modal dialogs that should be simple windows. I could not figure out how to get it to recognize IMAP subfolders, even though it showed them to me once. I found the preferences screens confusing. And, they got SSL with SMTP wrong; nobody uses the smtps port, since STARTTLS inside SMTP works so well.

It has promise, but I couldn’t find anything to signifcantly distinguish it from the rest of the pack. If I had free time, I might volunteer to help. (free time? bwa ha ha!)

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