things done today

  • take boy to hockey
  • get potable antifreeze from Canadian Tire
  • extract trailer from garage
  • fend off numerous assault strikes by lady bugs
  • winterize trailer plumbing system
  • remove trailer battery
  • move all winter stuff to the front of the garage
  • re-insert trailer into garage
  • replace the contents of the garage in front of trailer
  • mow the lawn
  • weed-wack the lawn

Things not done today:

  • finish getting all the junk out of the dining room
  • Maple Story :)
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I’ve been a big fan of computer automation for as long as I’ve been computing. Computers are partcularly well suited for repetitive, mundane tasks. I used to have a system set up at Alias, based on track, that would automatically keep all of the system software and configuration files up-to-date, long before HP Software bought Radia :-). My PVR is probably my current ultimate example; it automatically downloads TV listings from the source, searches those listings for my favourite shows, resolves conflicts, etc.; all without my input!

Anyway, it always surprises me when I power on an infrastructure server, and the LDAP server or Perforce server or whatever isn’t configured to start automatically! I mean really; who runs around manually starting essential services after a power outage? I thought we stopped doing that in the 1970s…

(We had to power down our labs over the weekend, because the A/C cooling tower on the roof was being refurbished. It took me all day today to get everything running properly again…)

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computer rooms are eerie when you turn everything (including the UPSes) off for the weekend…

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