MythTV PVR-250 settings

For posterity, the resolutions and bitrates I’m now using for recording shows with the PVR-250 on my MythTV box. The “Low Quality” setting is definitely degraded, but watchable; probably because of the reduced resolution more than the reduced bitrate. The “High Quality” setting looks to be good enough for DVD transfers. “Default” produces files that are about 1.5G/hour (my old settings were producing 2.2G/hour, so this will let me record more stuff). I may change them some more, of course…

profile resolution bitrate (avg/max) audio sample audio bitrate
Default 720×480 4000/5000 48K 224K
High Quality 720×480 6000/6500 48K 384K
Low Quality 320×480 2000/2200 32K 192K
Default 720×480 4000/5000 48K 224K
Old Default 480×480 4500/6000 32K 320K

I’ve read that the audio settings don’t make any difference with the PVR-250, only the “master” bitrate. Whatever :)

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  1. Reid says:

    Given current CPU speed, is transcoding to DivX or something feasible? That would reduce recording disk usage to about 350 MB/hr.

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