filesharing legal in Canada?

According to “this article”: in “Tech Central Station”:, it is legal to copy music for the private, personal use of _the person doing the copying_. Fascinating; if this is true (and I have no reason to believe that it isn’t), it significantly lowers my objections to the blank media tax…

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  1. Harald,
    there’s a ‘private-copy copyright exception’ in the german law, too. And there has been a fee for long for blank media and copying devices (scanners etc).
    However now the new german law restricts copyright to media that isn’t ‘physically’ copyright protected. Some media have already mentioned that you *might* be allowed to do *analog* private copies but there has been no final decision about that.

    So whatever your taxes are, they will not prevent the lobby from claiming that each time you hum a song you owe them 25 cents or more.


  2. Crooks says:

    There is such a thing as intellectual property.

    Yes there should be fees for file sharing/theft!

  3. Harald says:

    Sure there is. But look; the music industry is receiving a pretty hefty fee for every _blank_ media that I purchase (DAT tapes and DVD-RAMs for backups, CD-Rs for photographs, etc.). The USA has decided that this is a penalty to offset fictitious losses due to piracy. We’ve decided that this is a royalty to pay for the copying that we’re legally entitled to perform. No IP issues or theft here…

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